Nursery Farms

     Blossoms Associates Nursery Farms Cradled in the lap of nature in a Thiruporur and Mahabalipuram in Chennai. Our Nursery Farms spread in vast area of ½ acre. We grow a large number of Plants & Trees and offering numerous species of nursery plants at our own nurseries and import the rest from top nurseries which are in a great demand by the clients. Our own Nursery Farms has designed to effectively meet the preferences of clients. Our Nursery campus has probably one of the largest collections of Indoor and Outdoor plants in South India.


      Our nurseries produce an impressive range of garden plants. The main plants the nursery cultivates are hibiscus, roses, around 300 varieties of hedging, creepers, climbers, timber plants, seasonal plants, indoor plants, fruit plants and grass cover. "Most of the indoor plants are available at our nursery. "It's a huge list but the current favorites are seasonal like petunias, antirinums, begonias, marigolds and lotus."

      Our nursery has a wide range in Orchids, Bonsai , seasonal, perennials, ornamentals, all kinds of Fruit Plants, Vegetable Plants, Agricultural Plants, Avenue Trees, Forest, Medicinal plants and a wide range of Grasses and Turfs, as well as Seeds and Bio Fertilizers.

      We provide our own landscape material. We have different types of trees like Grown-up Avenue Tree, Royal palm, Coconut Trees, Date Palms, and All Specimen Palms etc. We also have different types of Grass carpets like Korean Grass Carpet, Mexican Grass carpet, G2 Grass, Shade Grass, Australian Grass etc.

We have different varieties of flowering plants, Shrubs, ground cover exterior elevation plants etc. We have different kinds of pebbles like Natural pebbles, marble pebbles, Crystal pebbles etc Vermi composed Organic Manure (water saver), Jell Cinder Drainage Cell, Geo Textile Roof Mat, Lattice Fencing Material, Gravel, Pesticide Fertilizer etc.

Our Nursery having Own Transport so we can deliver the plants on time. Our experienced plantation experts have immense knowledge of every aspect of plantation which helps us in growing comprehensive range of plants in our nursery.

Have a look at our Nursery Harvests

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