Our Work Process

Blossoms Associates provides a professional landscape service covering all aspects from initial consultation through Design, Implementation and On-going Maintenance. Landscape architecture is a broad profession that includes the Analysis, Planning, Design, Implementation and Maintenance.

Our business process consists of several stages. It is important that you understand the processes and stages involved in order for us to provide the best service and results possible. If you have any concerns or queries during any stage of the process, please feel free to bring them to our attention so we can address them. Blossoms Associates design are available for both small and large projects.


The Principal of Blossoms Associates will attend a meeting with you to discuss the landscape design of your property. Our process begins with an on-site visit. At that time, we will discuss the full extent of your landscaping needs and wants. One of the primary goals of this site visit is to create your "wish list" that captures the unique possibilities of your landscape. We will discuss options available to developing and meeting your desires for your property. A Site Surveyor may be required to record all existing site conditions, such as topography, tree locations, property lines, etc.

Depending on the scale of the job, a 'conceptual-sketch-plan' will be produced to give you a rough, visual indication of what has been discussed and to ensure that your requirements have been clearly understood. In this step the client's goals and wishes are clarified and documented.

This sketch is intended to give you a 'Rough' idea only and is not meant as an accurate, working plan.


'The Design' refers to the landscape plan which will be designed by the Principal Anthony Raj. The design process may include some or all of the following:

Site Analysis/Survey

Firstly a qualified Landscape Architect will visit the site and undertake a detailed Site Survey, which may incorporate: measuring boundaries, taking levels, plotting, any buildings, significant trees and any outstanding landscape features that may be incorporated into the future design.

Landscape Plans

An accurate and detailed design will be developed from the 'conceptual sketch plan' that was drawn at the Initial Consultation. This may incorporate some or all of the following:

Order of Design Works


The Landscape Architect will design and draw up your plans.

Review Meeting:

The Landscape Architect will meet with you to discuss and review the


Final Design:

The Landscape Architect will make any amendments and/or additions to your plans.

The Plan:

Copies of the plan will be available to you.

Soft landscaping Design or Planting:

Garden beds, General garden areas, Specimen trees.

Hard Landscaping Design or Structures:

Outdoor living areas, Decking, Paving, Walls, Raised garden beds, Fences, Gates, Pergolas, Shade structures, Seating, Water Features, Front entrances, Parking, Utility areas, Swimming pool, Spa, Tennis court etc.

Detailing of electrical and plumbing

Locations of lighting, irrigation/electrical ducting, drainage sumps and Waterlines.

Your plan will be drawn at an appropriate scale to incorporate the site and will show sufficient detail for a contractor to construct the design. However specific construction details will be separate, as shown below.


These are additional to the landscape design services

If required, general construction detailing can be provided to show accurate detailing (measurements and materials) on how to construct specific items that have been incorporated into the design. These include walls, retaining walls, seating, steps, pergolas, etc.


To ensure your landscape project is finished to a professional level we also provide a Planting Service. This service is additional to our landscape design services and includes:

  • On-site meeting to discuss plant selection, placement and any preparation or irrigation etc.
  • Supply of quality plants and trees; these are supplied at competitive prices directly from our own nursery 'The Little Big Tree Company'.
  • Estimate of costs involved. (incl. plants, trees, labour and any materials required)
  • Planting of trees and plants, and any related works.

    To ensure your landscape project is maintained to a professional level. This service is additional to our landscape design services and can include many individual levels of landscape maintenance customized to your requirements.

    As well as our Landscape Design and Architectural services, Blossoms Associates offers a complete project management service for the provision of construction, planting and maintenance services.

    Our contractors are offer professional services which match our exacting standards of quality and professionalism. Our construction team has been working with our designers for several years, resulting in an efficient and professional construction phase.